About Pavo 

Pavo School of Music is an International Standard Music Institution in Perungudi.We are training more than 500 students under highly qualified teachers and excellent infrastructure for better learning. In order to ensure the highest quality of teaching, our faculties undergo consistent training with us in order to better understand students'  psychology , behavior and their needs in order to effectively communicate with them. We believe that a strong teacher‐student relationship is a key to the student’s interest as well as their progress in class. As educators ourselves, having worked in various schools, we bring a combined experience of over ten years in the music education field. We have also consistently produced excellent results among students taking Trinity, ABRSM and LCM Exams year after year. We have carefully designed a program that would specifically suit students of all age groups and skill levels.

What can Pavo give you?

Pavo School of Music is one among several music schools in Chennai. So what sets us apart?

We encourage Individual & group lessons to help students learn at their own pace and focus on each student’s challenges and strengths.

Age is not a factor to learn Music. Music is not time bound and it is never too late to start exploring in this amazing world. Our syllabus is designed to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress, so whether you are a curious child or a harassed adult, we guarantee enjoyable learning ! Our affordable prices make classes accessible to everyone. We monitor each student’s progress and do an individual review every week to ensure that we are addressing all their questions and queries.


Pavo's teachers are passionate musicians who not only have dedicated their lives for studying art form but also want to share their knowledge and expand their skill. We believe music cannot just be taught in a classroom. We introduce the students to the magic of real music by taking them to live concerts by renowned Artists. We also organise for the artists to meet with the students, whenever possible. This way, the students not only learn the theory of music, but can see how it is being practiced around the world. We encourage our students to organise an annual concert to help them showcase their talent and the progress they have made.

We teach Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Vocal (Carnatic).