Learning a new instrument is not easy and requires effort, and this helps build patience and perseverance. Musicians don’t have it easy and have to endure long practice sessions to perfect their art. Even children while learning to play the right note, build patience which helps them later on in life.


Music and math are highly intertwined. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. It seems that music wires a child's brain to help him better understand other areas of math, says Lynn Kleiner, founder of Music Rhapsody in Redondo Beach, CA. As kids get older, they'll start reciting songs, calling on their short-term memory and eventually their long-term memory. Using a mnemonic device to do this is a method that can later be applied to other memory skills, says Mary Larew, Suzuki violin teacher at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, Connecticut. Musical instrument classes also introduce young children to basic physics. For instance, plucking the strings on a guitar or violin teaches children about harmonic and sympathetic vibrations. Even non-string instruments, such as drums and the vibraphone, give big kids the opportunity to explore these scientific principles.


Lessons offer a forum where children can learn to accept and give constructive criticism. Turning negative feedback into positive change helps build self-confidence, Regester says. Group lessons, in particular, may help children understand that nobody, including themselves or their peers, is perfect, and that everyone has room for improvement. "Presenting yourself in public is an important skill whether you become a professional musician or not," Larew says. This skill is easily transferrable to public speaking, she adds. And, of course, once a child is advanced enough, she'll possess musical skills that will help her stand out.

It introduces children to other cultures.

By learning about and playing a variety of instruments, kids can discover how music plays a critical role in other cultures. For instance, bongos and timbales may introduce children to African and Cuban styles of music. Although the modern-day violin has roots in Italy, learning to play it exposes children to classical music popularized by German and Austrian musicians. Versatile instruments, such as the violin and piano, can accompany a wide repertoire of styles, including classical and jazz (which originated in the American South). It's important to familiarize children with other cultures at a young age because this fosters open-mindedness about worlds and traditions beyond the ones they know.

4. Music Boosts Your Social Life

When you learn how to play an instrument, you are able to create something beautiful for your loved ones to enjoy, which brings you closer.

If you decide to play music in public, you might make some new friends. If you play with a group of musicians, a sense of fellowship is shared amongst musicians, who can collectively produce so much more than an individual can.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned jamming/hangout session with other musicians, and the bonds and friendships you make are priceless.

5. Music Gets the Creative Juices Flowing

Music lets you “look beyond what currently exists and express yourself in a new way,” according to Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

Music is all about understanding basic rules and then expressing yourself in the form of sound. Writing your own song, improvising solos, and re-performing existing songs are the ways that musicians create something out of nothing.

It is no surprise that research has shown that numerous successful people studied music at one point in their lives.

6. Music Connects Yourself Better

Music is a universal language.

Think of how many of us can appreciate songs in languages we don’t speak or barely understand. You will be surprised how music can bring you closer to people, especially if you need to socialize with people from other cultures.

If you ever find yourself lacking a topic to talk about, ask the other person what his/her favourite song is, and if you are knowledgeable in music, you’ve got yourself a great conversation ahead.

7. Music Builds Your Confidence

Have you ever wondered, how some seasoned musicians can go on stage in front of hundreds, or even thousands of people, and just perform?

Believe me, it takes a whole lot of self-belief and confidence to do something like that, no matter how good you are.

Learning music gives you opportunities to put yourself in that situation and, more importantly, to pull through them! The audience does not have to be massive; you could be performing for just one person or your partner. But when you pull off a performance, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself.

And the best thing is, you will bring that confidence into other areas of your life.

8. Music Is an Amazing Stress Reliever

We all have busy lives, and there will be times when we feel like our heads are going to explode from everything that’s happening.

The common answer to this, (at least from what I see), is to go for a drink or a smoke.

How about going for a jamming session and letting it out on your instrument? It is an amazing way to get your mind off things. It doesn’t hurt your health, it allows you to release your frustrations, it costs nothing, and you probably will gain a bunch of close musician friends.


Learning to play a musical instrument from a music school provides an opportunity for children to develop their social skills as they learn to interact and engage with others their age. Later in life, such children find it easier to join a band or orchestra and form long term friendships with people.

10. Music Is FUN!

Last but definitely not least, playing music is fun.

Learning it can be annoying at times, but it’s never eas

y to learn something new. When you reach a level to play something, it can be totally awesome. It starts with a sense of achievement, and then it becomes a whole confidence thing when you play for others. It becomes utter enjoyment when you play with others.

It is a healthy addiction with loads of fun, and I promise that you will not regret making that decision to start learning music.At Liberty Park Music, we teach music lovers like you the ability to create beautiful music. But, the benefits extend beyond just learning music. You will also experience the advantages listed above first-hand. So why not check out

At Liberty Park Music, we teach music lovers like you the ability to create beautiful music. But, the benefits extend beyond just learning music. You will also experience the advantages listed above first-hand. So why not check out our courses and start playing your favorite instrument.

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